Synthetic Lithium MG100 Longlife Gear Grease

Synthetic Lithium MG100 Longlife Gear Grease

Part code: 36830

Longlife Gear Grease

Synthetic Lithium MG100 is a superior semi synthetic fluid grease for industrial application.The product is formaulted from a synthetic hydrocarbon thickened with and advanced lithium soap and blended to contain an organic molybdenum compound which greatly enhances lubricity and reduces friction and wear.


Synthetic Lithium MG100 is recommended for many lubrication duties requiring a superior fluid or semi fluid grease, including gearbox applications and for use in centralised lubrication systems.

Due to the special lubricity additive in this product which results in greatly reduced levels of wear – this grease may be recommended for certain precision lubrication duties.

This product is especially recommended for applications where a high performance lubricating grease is required. Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +140°C


  • Long life lubricant.
  • Broad operating temperature range, with exceptional low temperature performance.
  • High film strength
  • Part code 36830
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +140°C
  • NLGI: 00