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METALUB have been supplying special lubricants for electrical contacts for many years with the range covering a multiple operation and environmental factors.This has given us a high level of expertise in this area in conjunction with the ability to provide solutions adapted to customer requirements. Benefits of using the correct METALUB lubricant are as follows:-
  • Reduction of operating temperatures and temperature variation for both external sources of heat and temperature rises capable of forming electric arcs.
  • Extension of switch life.
  • Prevention of contamination – of chemical influences such as water, sulphur, nitrogen compounds generating insulating layers.
  • Improvements in signal quality due to an improvement in surface conditions.
  • Smoothing of rough surfaces to improve the contact area thereby preventing arcs and formation of high resistance oxide.
  • Porosity of materials – materials which may be penetrated by water.
  • Reduced pressure – applied to parts with contact & return forces of springs to define the viscosity of the lubricant at operating temperature.
  • Compatibility with all materials including contacts and housing materials – plastics, rubbers & metals.
  • Smoother movement of the switches.
  • Silicone free.
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Cable Compound O.C.C. 3300