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Squeak & Rattle

Eliminating trim squeaks and rattles has become a major focus for automotive engineers.

METALUB carry a full range of products for use on any type of trim component and compatible with all substrate materials, plastics, rubber, metals, leather etc.

METALUB also have anti friction coatings and lubricants for use as a slip coat for seals & weather-strips.

At METALUB we offer an economical means of eradicating unwanted noise without the need for expensive component alterations or material changes.

Automotive Assembly Aids

Our products are used as assembly aids on :

  • Coolant Hoses
  • Window seals & weather-strips
  • Fuel hoses
  • O rings, gaskets & other seals
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Plastic clips
  • Bushings

We manufacture a complete range of fluids, gels & dry film lubricants to aid component assembly and decrease assembly effort & process time and they are compatible with most materials used.

Production Line Maintenance

Synthetic lubricants which can be used to extend component life, reduce downtime and unscheduled maintenance in:-

  • Paint oven conveyors
  • Trolley wheels
  • High temp’ conveyor chains
  • E-Coat line – bath/washer chains

Automotive Gear oils & transmission fluids

Gearbox imparts torque between engine and drive shaft. In gearboxes like control gear and automatic transmission cares gearbox oilfor frictionless cooperation of the gear wheels. The task for gearbox oils is to lubricate the gearbox parts, cooling through heat removal, to protect against corrosion and hydraulic steering of the switching operation by automatic transmissions.

Gear oils

  • Extra Gearoil 75W-90
  • Hypoid Gearoil 80W-90
  • Maxpower Gearoil 75W-140
  • Automatic Transmission Fluids
  • ATF Dexron II Automatic
  • ATF Dexron III Automatic Plus
  • ATF Dexron VI

Full Synthetic Motor oil

0W20               0W40

5W20               5W30              5W40

10W30             10W40

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

oW40               5W40

10W30             10W40

15W40             15W50

Motor oil

Fork oil

Special oil for automtive part

fork oil
plastic gear grease

High performance gear grease

High performance gear grease 

High temperature brake grease

High temperature brake grease

brake grease