Metalworking & Forming

Metalworking & FormingMETALUB Lubricants supply a full range of products for metalworking and metalforming products. These include neat cutting fluids for metalworking processes without shaving.  These are for use on machine tools without the need for adding water or any other product.

The soluble cutting fluids are used diluted as both lubricant and coolant in metalworking processes.

Our METACUT neat cutting oils are produced from refined mineral oils and medium & EP additives.

Speak to us also about our METASOL soluble cutting fluids. This range includes a wide range of different products intended for metalworking operations of different metals and alloys. The  METASOL soluble cutting fluids build stable mixtures with any water hardness to secure long life emulsions. Hence the bath changes are less frequent, the service life of the bath is optimized and the environmetal cost of further treatments and discharge is reduced.

Thanks to their humectant capacity the  METASOL cutting fluids significantly improve the cooling in the cutting area to obtain a superior surface finish and to keep the machine-tool free of microshavings and other residues. Due to their high lubricating capacity, the  METASOL products singnificantly extend the useful life of the tools.

Their high anti-corrosive power efficiently protects both the worked part and the machine-tool. The  METASOL line includes a range of BACTERIOSTATICS products, that will not ferment during the operation. This avoids the problem of bad smells and corrosion.

The products extend the life of the tools due to the film remaining between the tool and the material thereby reducing the coefficient of friction.

The EP additives serve to provide the metal with a superior finish and improve the cut quality.

They also improve the working conditions for operators by helping to eliminate oil mist and smoke in the working environment.

Our range includes high performance chlorine-free products designed to meet the most sever working conditions which are beyond the capabilities of conventional chlorinated products.  They reduce the corrosion of the worked part and damaging effects of chlorinated products on the skin of the machine operators.

We also produce a range of low viscosity neat cutting oils for finishing and polishing operations.